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Lighten-up Soap - 100gm

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Special Price $9.00

Lighten-up Face Moisturiser - 80ml

Regular Price: $65.00

Special Price $50.00

Lighten-up Body Lotion - 100ml

Regular Price: $39.00

Special Price $22.00

Body Smoother - 125ml

Regular Price: $39.00

Special Price $28.00

Body Smoother - 275ml

Regular Price: $69.00

Special Price $54.00

Rapid Ointment - 20g

Regular Price: $39.00

Special Price $28.00

CO2 Powder Mask - 60g

Regular Price: $39.00

Special Price $28.00

Natural Earth Mask - 60g

Regular Price: $49.00

Special Price $34.00

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    WHY USE  Madame Korner

Welcome to the world of Madame Korner Skin Care. The Classic Skin care range boasts a proud history of more than a century, dating back to 1904 when the innovative products were first launched in Europe.

Today, the refined and advanced formulas which carry the family name on every product continue to excite and reward our clients throughout Australia and the world.

Every Madame Korner product is created and produced in Australia with no room for inferior bulk-buy ingredients.

Nice skin feels good and the proven Madame Korner regime balances all of the essential needs that your skin will love.

Cleanse your skin with the impressive range of highly effective cleansers and toners, then moisturise with the specific skin-type product which is just right for you.

To give tired skin a super boost, try a hydrating and purifying mask from our range.

Plus, for skin that needs a little nurturing and gentle healing, Madame Korner Rapid Ointment is top of the list with clients.

All of our products are professional salon-quality, perfected and adapted in Madame Korner salons and colleges throughout Australia for over 60 years.

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