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Natural Blue Mask - 65g

Natural Blue Mask - 65g

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An invigorating mask designed to eliminate surface impurities. The exfoliating qualities of crushed almonds makes it gentle enough to use frequently while the active ingredients stimulate tired and jaded complexions.

All skin types


A rich and luxurious mask containing crushed almonds, oatmeal and honey. Natural Blue Mask is the ideal treatment to invigorate and stimulate jaded complexions. Gentle as an exfoliant for sensitive skin.


Rich in vitamins A & D, Honey, Almond meal, Oatmeal, Lecithin, Zinc Oxide, Glycerin, Urea


As a gentle exfoliating product, Natural Blue Mask can be used once a week. As a pep-up mask as often as desired. Used for deep cleansing with a formator, rotor brush, or fingers to prepare skin for massage. Apply Natural Blue Mask in circular movements to flaky surface skin. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. This first application will gently exfoliate. Apply a second layer and leave for ten minutes. Use as a body exfoliant. After removal the skin will feel and look refreshed.