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Primrose Mask - 55g

Primrose Mask - 55g

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A moisture enriched mask with evening primrose oil. Designed to soothe dry sun damaged skin. Also suitable for the neck, chest and arms. Luxurious and creamy, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Dry dehydrated skin


A revitalizing mask enriched with precious evening primrose oil. The Primrose Mask is designed to soothe taut, dry, parched and weather ravaged skin. Luxurious and creamy, this mask will leave the skin feeling supple and hydrated.


Evening Primrose Oil, Vanilla, Bentonite, Zinc oxide.


Primrose Mask will benefit, dry and aging skin. Ideal as a special treat or second mask for the neck and bust. Excellent for hand and foot treatments. Those with dry and dehydrated complexions can use Primrose Mask as a pick-me-up at any time. Use lavishly, leaving on for ten or fifteen minutes. For a more thorough treatment apply a thick layer before bathing or sauna, leave for as long as desired. Remove with lukewarm water and follow with Skin Balancer toner and Vital Moisture Ivory. May be used often, especially on forgotten dry areas as chest, elbows and forearms, leaving skin silky smooth to touch.