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Based on 341 reviews
Vital Eyes - 30ml
Jenny Comas
Vital Eyes

A wonderful product. Very happy!

Vital moisture ivory

This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and creamy. Lovely velvety feeling.

Skin Balancer - 125ml

K Lotion Toner - 240ml
Steven Carson
K lotion

The new pump bottle is such a waste of time. Too much comes out. Too much is wasted. Is not air tight once opened. If bottle falls over it will spill. Why change something that worked better originally. the original bottle with small hole doeser and tight screw on lid kelp it well sealed and fresh. Very disappointed ever since this has changed. I end up putting into another bottle that is well sealed and smaller doeser so nothing is wasted.

Hello, it’s really hard to write a review when after nearly 3 weeks l still haven’t received my order !!!

Hyaluronic Acid Pro Serum

Great product for my skin to use. Thank you.

Hydration Kit For Dry Skin

I love all the products in this kit. Beautiful on my skin and great value for money. Thank you, happy customer.

Pink Almond Milk Cleanser

Great cleanser, very happy.

Found it

I absolutely love it. The best cleanser ever made. Used a friend's 37 years ago and have just found it again so happy will never stop using it now


The products are the perfect size when travelling.

This is one of my favourite products in the MK range. In summer it is my night cream and in winter my day cream.

Feels lovely on my skin and perfect texture for summer. It is light and goes well under tinted sunscreen which I wear everyday. The pump makes it easier to dispense however a full plunge is too much- I use a 1/3 plunge

Feels lovely on my face and has a pleasant smell. May be too nourishing for summer but I’m looking forward to using it more often in winter.

This stuff works miracles

We absolutely love rapid ointment. It not only acts as a concealer it also clears any blemishes I have pretty much over night. It’s a staple in my beauty routine..

Love it!

I hadn't used Madame Korner since my teens. The moment I opened up the jar, it was just that familiar beautiful fragrance that I remembered. I'm so happy to rediscover MK, and I won't be leaving again. Absolutely love it!

Not the product I ordered!

Your nourishing plant extract night repair is plant extract. Your original formula of nourishing plant extract is what I wanted as I have been using it for many years. The product you provided is not nourishing plant extract and not what I wanted. I am disappointed.

Very happy with my purchase of collagen concentrate & the excellent prompt delivery. Thank you


Products give such fantastic results

Christmas Day 8 Bundle
Lynette Moulder moulder
Excellent lovely to speak to helpful staff.

Use products many years found them fantastic very reasonable price compared to out landish price in department store get better value for your money.Customer Service is A1 lyn

Rapid Ointment 20ml
Lynette Cain
Our go to for pimples

I have been using rapid ointment for 14 years & now my teenage daughters use it too. It’s great coverage & healing for those pesky pimples. It’s the best beauty product I’ve ever used.

vital ivory

It is too thick

Plant extract moisturiser

Thanks for the turnaround and happy that this product is back since last year. The skin looks calm. And the skin calm toner just as good as per usual.

Vital moisture ivory

Feels lovely and nourishing on the skin.

I’ve been using Madame Korner products for 50 years wow such a long time the pink cleanser, vital moisture ivory, skim calmer they are all wonderful products to use

Anti wrinkle cream

I’ve been applying for over a week, no visible difference to date.