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Madame Korner since 1904


Based on 283 reviews
Rosehip Exfoliant

Have been waiting for Madam Korner to produce an exfoliant & it was worth the wait. Luv luv luv this exfoliant leaves my skin feeling clean & refreshed without drying it out. Not like some that feel like you’ve just used sandpaper on your face. Will definitely be buying this again. Great job Madam Korner.

Smooth, rich but non greasy luscious product!

Love the Collagen face cream - it is a luxury treatment that the skin absorbs!
Would always recommend it, especially to drier skin types!

Anti- Ageing Kit
Patricia Varley
Luxury for the Skin

Fabulous complete skincare range -I used to use
Madame KORNER products for many years - always loved the products! Not sure why I stopped?

Rapid Ointment

I've been using Rapid Ointment for over 30 years. It soothes and removes the redness from any blemishes I get on my face. I love this product.

NEW Rosehip Exfoliant
Nicole Costello
New exfoliant product….

Smells incredible, love the texture of the product. My skin looks radiant and fresh again. Thank you - I’ve been hoping you would develop this and so happy you have.

Vital Eyes - 30ml
Maria Kotronakis

I love this product so glad I have started using it

Collagen Concentrate

A beautiful cream that glides over the skin. Makes my skin feel soft and smooth

Collagen Concentrate - 60ml

Youthful lips

I use this for my lips and eyes whilst using a mask. Also apply to my lips daily to keep them hydrated and supple. Used since 1992 and find that lips are just as youthful.


Fabulous for skin in my middle age period.


My daughter trained at madame korner and I’ve only just this year started re using the products.. love them excellent quality

Fantastic toner

Love the toner its light refreshing and stimulating for the skin at the same time

Anti-Wrinkle Cream - 130ml
Elizabeth OCarrigan
Anti wrinkle cream

It’s excellent
Highly recommend it

Vital Moisture Pink - 60ml
Margaret W Costello
Gentle and Effective - the Best

A very light cream that leaves the skin feeling fresh. Used by all my girls and is one of the must have basics for our daily routine.

LIMITED EDITION Skin Nourishing Gift Set
Lillian Lanarus G Lanarus
Order not yet received

Still have not received my order which you sent off 13 days ago

Natural Cream Balm - 30g
Nicole Costello
Melts like butter

This product is super hydrating. Great for around my eyes, lips and neck.
I absolutely love it.

LIMITED EDITION Skin Firming Gift Set
Lynette Moulder moulder
Skin Firming Cream

Excellent products and fabulous price same delivery takes too long.

Lovely rich cream.

A rich cream, goes on well but doesn't feel heavy, used regularly it leaves skin feeling good.

New Pump Version

Love this product!!! I have very sensitive skin, it doesn’t burn upon application and removes all mascara.

Vital Eyes - 30ml
Niki Georgoulis

Wonderfully soothing, non greasy. I have very sensitive skin and I love it!

Goid value

Lovely feel on the skin. Not too greasy, just right for older skin.

really love the softness my skin feels in just a week! My skin is 85 years old, white and freckled - was a red head when young with tendency to allergic reactions to cosmetics. I have no problems with your product. I intend to be a regular customer. many thanks.

Hyaluronic Acid Pro Serum 30ml

Anti Wrinkle

I cannot comment as I have yet not received the items - this being over 2 weeks ????

Anti-Wrinkle Cream - 60ml
Catherine Crooks

I still haven't received it. Apparently it was a week before it was picked up from madame korner so I.m presuming it might arrive tomorrow. A long time from when I ordered it.